The Center for Mobility is supported by four institutes (IMP-HSG, ICI-HSG, ITEM-HSG, IWÖ-HSG). The Center for Mobility's specialist council is made up of the managing professors of the participating institutes. The Center for Mobility is managed by the Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance (IMP-HSG) and is run by Prof. Christian Laesser.

Topic Areas

Various challenges and associated opportunities and threats characterise the domain, such as digitisation, climate change and future land use and the associated mobility systems.

  • The topic of digitisation particularly concerns the future development of our work-based economy (stationary vs. virtual), the way of life associated with it, as well as associated system and business models (including those relating to the use of space or the provision of mobility).
  • The topic of climate change primarily concerns questions about the future energy supply for mobility purposes (with a change from fossil to non-fossil or renewable energy sources) and the allocation of these energy sources to different forms of mobility and the associated economies.
  • The topic of land use and mobility systems mainly concerns questions concerning models of future uses (with simultaneous consideration of allocation and distribution aspects) of the increasingly scarce land as well as - quasi as a subset of this - existing and possibly newly created traffic areas.

Advisory Board

Thomas Bieger

Prof. Dr.

Full Professor of Management with special focus on the Tourist Industry

Büro 3-356
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen

Andreas Herrmann

Prof. Dr.

Full Professor of Marketing

Büro 32-202
Bahnhofstrasse 8
9000 St. Gallen

Oliver Gassmann

Prof. Dr.

Full Professor of Innovation Management

Office ZIG 1-216
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen

Rolf Wüstenhagen

Prof. Dr.

Full Professor of Management of Renewable Energies

Müller-Friedberg-Strasse 6/8
9000 St. Gallen


Christian Laesser

Prof. Dr.

Professor of Tourism and Service Management

Büro 3-346
Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen

Daniel Bazzi


Project Manager

Dufourstrasse 40a
9000 St. Gallen

Participating Institutes

Institute for Systemic Management and Public Governance (IMP-HSG) The IMP-HSG has many years of experience in various research domains related to transportation/mobility and regional economics (e.g. location decisions, choice of transport modes, network models, questions of future mobility and its implications). Through the leadership of the SVWG Schweizerische Verkehrswissenschaftliche Gesellschaft, the SBB Lab-HSG and the advisory board of the SBB Research Fund, as well as the membership in the committee of the STRC Swiss Transport Research Conference (EPFL, ETHZ, UNISG, USI), there is also a good network with actors in the Swiss transport industry. Together with the SVWG, the Institute has been publishing the Jahrbuch der Schweizerischen Verkehrswirtschaft for a long time.
Institute for Customer Insight (ICI-HSG) The ICI-HSG is concerned with the decision-making behaviour of individuals and in particular new forms of mobility. To this end, numerous projects are carried out with the automotive industry but also with the many new technology companies such as Mobileye. In addition, a CAS on "Smart Mobility Management" will be launched in 2020. The ICI has always worked on mobility topics, as can be seen from the close cooperation with Audi and BMW and the resulting labs. Two books have also resulted from this collaboration: Autonomous Driving and The Autonomous Revolution. 
Institute of Technology Management (ITEM-HSG) The ITEM-HSG is working intensively in the field of new business models, which are also being researched in the context of Smart City, Autonomous Driving and e-mobility. For years, the ITEM-HSG has been involved in corporate and EU projects on innovation and new business models, for example with BMW, Daimler, Audi and Volkswagen, but also with automotive suppliers such as the Bosch IoT Lab. The 'Business Model Navigator' has been translated into dozens of languages and has become an international bestseller. The new book 'Smart City' will be published in 2019, already available in English and Chinese. 
Institute for Economy and the Environment (IWÖ-HSG) Since 2017, the IWÖ-HSG has been part of the SCCER Efficient Technologies and Systems for Mobility competence centre, which is managed by ETH Zurich and initiated by Innosuisse. The focus of its research work, in cooperation with the Swiss Federal Office of Energy, the city of St. Gallen and various energy suppliers, among others, is on climate-friendly and energy-efficient mobility, in particular customer acceptance and business models at the interface between electromobility and renewable energies.

Address and directions

The Center for Mobility is located in the central institute building of the University of St.Gallen. St.Gallen is only one hour away from Zurich by car and is also easy to reach by public transport. Austria and Germany are also nearby. Distances: Zurich 1 hour, Munich 2.5 hours, Stuttgart 2.5 hours, Milan 3.5 hours.

By car

Take the motorway exit St.Gallen/Kreuzbleiche and head towards the centre. Once you have gone through the tunnel, move into the left lane and follow the sign to Universität/WBZ Holzweid. You will find the Center for Mobility in the Central Institute Building No. 24 (Download Campusplan).

By public transport

Trains run from Zurich’s main train station and Zurich airport to St.Gallen every 30 minutes. The journey takes about 1 hour. There are also direct express trains from Berne (2 hours), Geneva (4 hours) and Munich (3 hours) to St.Gallen. At St.Gallen’s main train station, take bus no. 5 towards Rotmonten. The buses run every 10 minutes. Get off at the “Universität” bus stop and cross the main road. Or, go to the Bahnhof Nord bus stop (at the back of the train station) and take bus no. 9 to Universität. You will find the Center for Mobility in the Central Institute Building No. 24 (Download Campusplan).


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