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The CfM-HSG promotes the exchange with science and practice and the identification of joint research projects.

The actors in practice receive scientific support through research and services as well as seminars and conferences. Here are several exciting projects for the management of the mobility of people.

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Podcast New Mobility Planet

Each Thursday, a new Podcast with experts discussing issues related to mobility is published.

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More publications (see SBB-Lab)   

Public Lectures and Workshops

Lecturer about various aspects of mobility  
Electric Transport in Norway and beyond - what others can learn. (2019)  Christina Bu, Secretary General, Norwegian EV Association, Norway
Touchpoints for e-mobility  (2019) Dr. K. Gamma & J. Plananska, University of St.Gallen
J. Grentz, Product Manager Volkswagen at AMAG, resp. ID NEO
R. Schmid, e-mobility Blogger, founder Robin TV
Rolling Solar Storage: the Convergence of RE & EV (2019) Dr. M. Kubli, University of St.Gallen
Dr. A. Beer, Expert Product Research and Engineering, RePower AG
A. Brenzikofer, Head Dept. Decentralized Systems, Supercomputing Systems AG
The Push for Electric Mobility in Asia - Business Opportunities for Swiss SMEs (2018) Prof. Dr. R. Moser, University of St.Gallen
Dr. P. Agarwal, CEO Panitek Power AG
Prof. Dr. T. Casas-i-Klett, Dir. China Competence Center, University of St.Gallen
Wei Chuen Chua, Regional Vice Preident Europe, Singapore Economic Develop. Board
F. Kind, Project Manager, Panitek Power AG
Prof. Dr. M. Prandini, Head Competence Center Asia Business, ZHAW
A. Raju, ACC-HSG India Representative & Serial Entrepreneur
The Convergence of Electric Mobility and Power Markets: V2G Business Models (2018) Dr. E. Reuter & M. Kubli, University of St.Gallen
A. Asfour, Head E-Mobility, SAK AG
P. Majer, badenova AG & Co. KG, Germany
M. Morf, Alpiq AG, Switzerland
Nudging Consumers towards Electric Mobility (2018) Dr. K. Gamma & J. Plananska, University of St.Gallen
M. Codourey, Strategy Advisor in Healthcare and Expert Neurocommunications
Dr. U. Hahnel, Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab, University of Geneva
Dr. J. Hildermeier, European Federation for Transport and Environment, Belgium
Electrifying Corporate Fleets: Scalling Up Low-carbon Transport in a B2B Context (2018)  P. Vuichard, University of St.Gallen
M. Reber, CEO, Post Company Cars AG
B. Stemmler, ISS Facility Services AG